Turmeric Formula Winner_ Of Excellence in Product Innovation

  Excellence in Health Product Innovation Award

  Dear Christian: It is my distinct privilege to inform you that Emord &Associates’ 20th Anniversary Celebration Awards Committee has selected you to receive the firm’s“Excellence in Health Product Innovation Award” honoring your research into the healing properties of turmeric and development of turmeric formulations.

 Each decade, the firm assigns select attorneys to be part of an Awards Committee and solicits nominations of those who have distinguished themselves by their achievements in fields of nutrition science, integrative medicine, product innovation, public policy, and journalism.  Nominations are vetted by our Awards Committee and then voted upon, resulting in the selection of a few individuals richly deserving of accolades for their extraordinary achievements.  We are grateful for your contributions and are honored to bestow upon you this award.


                                              Jonathan W. Emord

                                                Awards Committee Chairman


Christian Wilde is an author/reseacher whose work has been  endorsed or contributed to by directors of Preventive Cardiology and Cardiovascular Stem Cell Therapy at 11 major universities.  He is the first to advise that you should discuss all supplements with your physician before embarking on  adjunct or replacement therapy as your physician is your ultimate health advisor who best  knows your  particular case. Therefore the information you obtain from the author's books and news reports is not meant to treat or replace your current therapies but to inform you as to what is available or becoming available in the research community generally years ahead of the practicing physician's office.